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July 13, 2023

Electric vehicle users say travel plans have to be adapted due to unreliable charging infrastructure in Sask.


Saskatchewan’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure is slowly growing, however, early EV adopters note that long-distance trips are still a concern due to the lack of charging infrastructure.

Currently, Saskatchewan has 1,446 registered EVs, but local EV drivers believe that the slow adoption is partly due to misinformation about EVs and limited charging options. There is a need for more conveniently located charging stations, particularly Level 3 chargers that can charge a vehicle in an hour. The town of Nipawin had planned to install charging stations but recently rescinded the decision due to public opposition. However, this move may hinder the community’s tourism potential and accessibility.

Charging infrastructure gaps exist in areas beyond Highways 1 and 16, making it challenging for EV drivers to find reliable charging options. Saskatchewan is considered one of the worst provinces in Canada for EV infrastructure, as it lacks charging stations in many regions. To address these challenges, SaskPower’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program plans to install fast chargers in 20 communities with federal support. However, more needs to be done to improve EV infrastructure in the province.

Local EV users have suggested removing the provincial sales tax on EVs to boost adoption and view EVs as a public service rather than a profit-oriented sector. They also emphasize the need for proper education about EVs to dispel misinformation and promote their environmental benefits.

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