Funding Applications

EWC works with its clients to complete funding applications for specific projects/initiatives based on a process that includes independent third-party experts from industry and universities to make sure that the final application meets the program criteria.

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Funding applications may be completed and submitted for feasibility studies as well as pilot and capital projects. EWC performs an initial review of the planned submissions to determine whether they meet the eligibility and compliance requirements listed by the funder. At EWC, we can also assist our clients in finding matching funds when it is required for project implementation.

The application process can include several steps, which can all be managed by EWC:

  • Letters of engagement – A basic contract between project stakeholders, the client and EWC
  • Project proposal/design – Brief description of the project 
  • EOI phase – Expression of interest, sometimes a preliminary step required by funders
  • Full application phase (research and technical writing), possibly with third party consulting (experts, consultants, etc.)
  • Replies to reviewer comments – Allows for corrections and submission of additional information as required by the funder


For more information on how EWC can help you reach your sustainability goals, please contact:

“Funding applications can be completed and submitted by EWC for feasibility studies as well as pilot and capital projects.”

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