Project Development and Management

At EWC we assist our clients with project development, from initial concept to implementation and follow-up by addressing the following questions:

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How will the project be managed (and funded)?

This involves defining which actors should be involved and at what capacity within the project. It is essential to define the steering bodies, any partnership contracts, as well as monitoring and evaluation procedures to assess the project success, and funding sources and criteria throughout the project.

With whom will the work be carried out?

This step includes the mobilization of local skills and expertise (companies, engineering services, etc.), maintaining coordination (project management) of the project activities as well as post project completion follow-ups and reporting.

How will the project activities be carried out?

This involves defining the substance and methodology of the activities and mobilizing the actors responsible for their implementation, monitoring, and reporting.

What should a project proposal contain?

The project proposal will be used to manage the project and to negotiate funding. It must contain a detailed work plan, the project schedule and the budget.

Who will ensure the project follow-up and reporting?

EWC can manage projects right up to this final step and report back to funders to show that the deliverables have been met.


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“EWC manages projects right up to the final step and reports back to funders to show that the deliverables have been met.”

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