Climate Change Local Action Plans

In many ways ‘Climate Change Local Action Plans’ (CCLAPs) are a foundational tool, which enables municipalities to identify green initiatives that will help them meet environmental challenges head on and generate significant socio-economic impacts.

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For instance, these potential impacts could result from the introduction of high-performance and innovative equipment, or even of natural assets/green infrastructure that is better suited to local or regional climate change mitigation and adaptation needs, thereby reducing energy consumption and its related expenses, or even locally producing renewable energy.

A climate change local action plan includes a community profile, GHG inventory, local/regional climate profile as well as a series of recommendations/potential programs based on the results of municipal and community surveys.

The intent of the CCLAP approach is thu to ensure the production of quality inventories and action plans to:

  • Identify innovative pilot/priority projects for participating municipalities;
  • Establish the preliminary design of green projects that can more readily be adopted by the local population and funded by different levels of government, the FCM’s Green Municipal Fund (GMF), as well as by private investors and
  • Improve and broaden local and regional knowledge and expertise with the help of specialized contractors and firms to create innovative infrastructures tailored to the needs of local and regional populations.


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“The intent of the CCLAP approach is to ensure the production of quality GHG inventories and action plans that are tailored to the needs of local and regional populations.”

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