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June 27, 2023

The Net-Zero Communities Accelerator Pilot Program


The Net-Zero Communities Accelerator Pilot Program grew out of work being done by QUEST Canada. Already researching gaps found in the community energy and emissions support landscape, QUEST Canada discovered there was need for a program that would:

  • focus on energy — the largest influencer of GHG emissions
  • work with all stakeholders, and not just governments and businesses
  • focus on the foundational supporting structures for lasting change
  • apply a systems approach to energy and emissions reductions 

A key concern was to ensure that the program was going to result in individual and organizational changes that would continue beyond the three years they would be working with the participating communities. 

A report with findings and results is available here from the first three years of work. The efforts are broken down into comprehensive tabled deliverables, outcomes, actions and scores. View the full report here.