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Eco-West Canada works to establish productive working relationships between various parties from all three levels of government as well as industry, academia, and other stakeholders. EWC is involved in various sectors of activity and will gladly work with any organization keen to develop sustainability initiatives. For more information on how to partner with Eco-West Canada, send us an email at the following address: zev@eco-ouest.com. Please describe the nature of the request and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the scope and processes needed to implement your sustainability project. 

Eco-West Canada primarily supports small to medium size municipalities across Canada towards the planning and  implementation of various green infrastructure projects. We also work with partners from the private sector to facilitate their contribution to projects that support the development of a green infrastructure at the local and regional levels. EWC can provide services in both official languages. 

Eco-West Canada operates solely under a cost recovery model. The organization is registered as a national non-profit entity that sustains itself much like a consulting agency, on project-by-project basis. 

Eco-West Canada can provide a full range of project management services, including feasibility studies, pilot and capital projects for various sustainability initiatives, funding applications, technical writing, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories, electric vehicle charging station programs, and the development of climate change local action plans/sustainable neighbourhood action plans that contain areas of activity and green projects that aim to reduce GHG emissions and the overall carbon footprint of municipalities.

Eco-West Canada appreciates any amount of money donated to its programs because your contribution will support our climate action initiatives within our sphere of activities. Donations will directly support our organization with planning and implementing a more equitable/cleaner economy for generations to come. Donating now will help us reduce overall GHG emissions, combat pollution, promote conservation, as well as develop a more efficient use of both energy and waste materials. 

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