Transportation Survey

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  • Getting to your job
  • Going shopping for groceries, clothes and household items
  • Eating out
  • Going to special events like socials, parties, entertainment
  • Getting to school
  • Visiting friends and family
  • Going to appointments for your doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, etc

New technologies are helping make traditional ways of getting around easier to use and more cost effective. Shared transportation helps reduce greenhouse gasses and make your community more attractive to new residents.

Grocery shopping

Ridesharing allows drivers to offer their driving and car services to an organization to transport users as needed.

The rider pays the fare to the service provider who pays the driver.

The rider chooses where they’ll be picked up and where they want to be dropped off.


Informal but organized, a non-professional driver picks up one or more passengers to take a shared journey, often on a regular schedule (ex. co-workers, or students attending the same school).

Typically the driver shares her vehicle for a trip she is taking regardless of whether riders join her.

Riders share the cost of fuel and maintenance expenses.

Carpooling can help build social ties.

Reduces the number of cars on the road, lowering traffic jams and pollution.

Active Transportation

Using human generated power like biking and walking.

The option of electric bikes can make errands and even hauling small loads relatively easy.

Great for shorter trips.


May run a regularly scheduled route with fixed bus stops, charging a fare for each trip.

May run on a ‘every 15 minutes’ departing from a particular location to another particular location (often regional route).

Car Sharing

Eco-friendly vehicles (electric or hybrid) would be offered.

Used primarily for carpooling and ride-sharing services.

By completing the survey, your local government will have a better understanding of the needs and opportunities for public transit services in your area.

One entry per person. Share this link and have others in your community complete the survey by Friday, February 16, 2024.

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*One entry per person. Entry is valid only to legal residents of Manitoba. Valid ID showing residency is required to redeem your prize. Survey closes February 16, 2024. One winner will win one prize in the form of a $200 Visa card. Winner will be contacted by email. Any email addresses collected will be destroyed upon completion of the contest. Questions, concerns, comments can be directed to Survey information collected will not be attributed to any particular person and will only be shared in a summative fashion.