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June 17, 2024

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Feasibility Study: Adaptation in Action

Funding Opportunities

Funds a feasibility study of a climate adaptation project that improves municipal readiness for climate events. Feasibility studies help you determine the practicality and viability of a project. This type of study usually examines a project’s financial, technical, legal and operational aspects, plus scheduling and other factors. Study results provide insights into the project’s achievability and the likelihood of its success. Identifying a project’s potential challenges, risks and opportunities through a feasibility study enables decision-makers to make informed choices about whether to proceed, modify or abandon a proposed initiative.

Award: up to max. $70,000

  • Grant up to 80% of eligible costs; 90% for rural or remote municipalities; 100% for Indigenous & municipalities applying in partnership with Indigenous communities
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: August 14, 2024