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Dany Robidoux

Director, Eco-West

Tel.: 204-797-7328

Dany Robidoux

As Director of Eco-West, Dany Robidoux works with businesses, community-based organizations and all three levels of government to create action plans aimed at building widespread commitment towards sustainable development in rural municipalities across Canada.

Since 2008, Dany has played a key role in the conducting of GHG emissions inventories, as well as the development of cogeneration (CHP) and composting/recycling initiatives, the sustainable disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) using ‘waste to value-added’ technologies, wastewater treatment as well as biomass heating and transportation projects.

Beginning in the spring of 2014, Dany and members of his team have been travelling across Western Canada, recruiting municipalities that have expressed an interest in joining the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). Over 30 Manitoba communities have already joined the PCP program, having since found a great deal of success in their sustainability endeavours.

Dany currently resides in Winnipeg, MB, and holds both a B.A. and B. Comm. (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba. He is a board member of the Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers (MARR), as well as the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Environmental Leadership Council.

Dany is also a Climate Leader with the Climate Reality Project Canada. He was personally trained by former U.S. President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore on ways to educate the public about the science and impacts of climate change as well as solutions to address global climate crisis issues.


Joëlle Saltel

Director of Municipal Relations

Tel.: 204-806-0956

Joëlle Saltel

In her current role as Director of Municipal Relations at Eco-West, Joëlle has assisted in the development of various green projects throughout rural Manitoba and across Western Canada. Through Eco-West, she has likewise played an instrumental role in the implementation of a green economy infrastructure. This is accomplished through the creation of Climate Change Local Action & Adaptation Plans (CCLAAPs), as well as supporting municipalities that are seeking opportunities to bring green technologies to the marketplace.

In her work, Joëlle advocates an approach based on an innovative CCLAAP concept that integrates various components – GHG emissions inventory, climate profile, synergies between various municipalities – into a single planning process. This type of linear progression responds to a wider range of needs than individual studies; the integration of these components is unique in Manitoba, and has resulted in a new and more advanced method of municipal planning as it relates to the creation of more sustainable communities.

After various past professional experiences that include working at the CBC and in a communications capacity in all three levels of government, Joëlle has the ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects while focusing on the production of high quality, specialized documentation, and has maintained lasting relationships with government and elected officials.

Joëlle completed her Master’s degree in political science at the University of Manitoba and has since then acquired over ten years of relevant experience in high-level communications, and is also a government relations specialist. Highly interested in the culture and politics at the local, national and international levels, Joëlle is an experienced group leader, a proven independent worker with strong abilities in planning, coordination and management. Joëlle currently resides in St. Boniface, Manitoba and remains active in the political, cultural and francophone communities.


Gavin van der Linde

Project Manager

Tel.: 204-209-0090

Gavin van der Linde

Gavin joined the Eco-West team in 2015 as a project manager. He is responsible for building and managing relationships with rural municipalities, many of which are located in southern Manitoba as well as in the other western provinces. His current projects include a regional transportation initiative, several waste diversion projects that focus on recycling and composting services, as well as waste to value-added projects in the areas of biomass and waste gasification for the production of reusable energy.

As project manager, Gavin focuses on helping municipalities in developing and implementing green projects that not only demonstrate excellent potential as sustainable initiatives, but also economic viability for the various municipal partners. As such, finding municipal solutions and matching funding opportunities are likewise an important aspect of Gavin’s activities at Eco-West.

Gavin also brings over 10 years of municipal experience to the Eco-West team. His understanding of municipal budgets, planning and project implementation has proved to be a valuable resource for the municipalities with which he is engaged. He is currently mayor of the Town of Morris, vice-chair of the board of directors of Community Futures Manitoba, and is also a director on the board of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities.

Gavin holds a diploma in financial management (Damelin College, South Africa) and is now working to obtain his certification in project management at Red River Community College.


Dan Powell

Chief Analyst

Tel.: 204-925-8388

Dan Powell

As Chief Analyst for green projects at CDEM/Eco-West, Dan Powell is responsible for looking after the energy consumption and waste generation data collected for all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories to be included in the CCLAAPs (climate change local action & adaptation plans), as well as data supporting various other green economy/infrastructure projects.

Dan has been working at CDEM (Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities) in green projects since 2011, where he initially started out in the capacity of Priority Projects Agent before taking on his current position as chief analyst. Previous to the CDEM, Dan worked as a research associate for several years at the Institute for Urban Studies, a think-tank based out of the University of Winnipeg. While at the institute, he provided data support for reports on neighbourhood quality, transportation issues for seniors, as well as housing quality and community health indexes.

Dan has thus acquired an extensive background in data collection, including the conducting of more than 30 GHG emissions inventories since his arrival at CDEM/Eco-West, the results of which have all been verified by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to ensure that they conform to the standards of the FCM’s Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program.

Dan holds a Diploma in Computer Systems Technology – Applied Artificial Intelligence – from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), a B.A. (Hons.) in economics from the University of Manitoba, and he also studied in the Masters in Urban Planning program at McGill University in Montreal from 2006 to 2008.


Michel Forest

Technical Writer

Tel.: 204-806-4035

Michel Forest

Michel has been working as a technical writer at Eco-West since the spring of 2015, where he is responsible for the writing and editing of technical documentation, general research, as well as sourcing and completing project funding applications (feasibility studies and pilot/capital projects). He also assists the director, project managers and other team members in their drive towards the successful completion of the organization’s innovative green initiatives.

Michel has over 20 years of communications and information design experience in both the private and public sectors. He began his career as a bilingual communications and marketing director for various community-based organizations in St. Boniface, MB, and his work there included the researching and writing of technical communications briefs for presentation at Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) hearings.

Since that time, Michel has filled a number of communications-related positions, most notably as a technical writer and translator in Miami, Florida, working with, among others, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Industry Canada to ensure compliance of content, design materials and goods with international import & export packaging regulations (U.S.A./Canada). Prior to joining the Eco-West team, Michel completed a three-year stint as a multimedia journalist in Manitoba’s Interlake region, where he wrote extensively on conservation topics, including several series of articles on Lake Winnipeg environmental issues, municipal politics and infrastructure, etc.

Michel holds a B.A., Advanced degree from St. Paul’s College (University of Manitoba), studied in the MBA program at École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) in Montreal, and is a certified technical writer (Rochester Institute of Technology – RIT). He is currently enrolled in the sustainability issues stream of the University of Winnipeg’s Department of Environmental Studies & Sciences (DESS).