Eco-West’s Vision: To ensure the growth and prosperity of Western Canada’s municipalities through planning and implementation of a Green Economy infrastructure.

About Eco-West

Eco-West aims to get rural communities involved in greening their local economies through the creation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories and the development of Climate Change local action plans (CCLAP), supporting municipalities seeking green technology commercialization opportunities, attracting foreign direct investments and training a skilled workforce.

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Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Today’s Theme: Swap, Share, Repair

Swapping, sharing, or refurbishing extends product/material life cycles and diverts them from disposal. On the weekend of Waste Reduction Week, we are encouraging Canadians to think about the lifecycle of their materials and learn more about sustainable consumption, the sharing economy, and extending the life of materials through reuse.

On Saturday and Sunday of Waste Reduction Week, municipalities and their residents are encouraged to reuse in their communities through swapping, sharing, or repairing. Common materials can include clothing, accessories, furniture, small household appliances, and most anything else you can think of…

The Bunz Trading Zone

Bunz was founded in Toronto in 2013 by Emily Bitze, and began as a Facebook group that encouraged users to trade their unwanted goods with others rather than seeking cash. Eventually alcohol, transit tokens and — somewhat controversially — gift cards were among the items commonly sought in trades. That trend also led to the creation of BTZ, a digital currency for the community that can also be used at participating retailers.

Visit the Winnipeg Bunz Facebook Page for interesting and unusual trades:

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